Stacey Tuttle,

Glow From The Inside Out!

As a holistic nutritionist, I view the mind and body as an interconnected unit – what affects one, shapes and influences the other. I recognize individual needs, and that there is no one “perfect” diet for everyone. Instead of simply managing symptoms with no end in sight, I get to the root of health issues to find long term solutions.Your Glowing Health ensures you feel your most vibrant in all aspects of your life.

Current offerings:

15 minute info sessions – FREE!
1 hour single session + protocol - $140
4 week individualized meal plans- $200
Package of 3 1 hr sessions + protocol- $300

*All protocols are personalized for each individual’s maximum benefit, and include dietary,
supplement, and lifestyle changes for radiant physical and mental health.

Contact: or call 709-763-3449 to book an appointment today!